Get access to your dreams: what Probonall aims to change!

Imagine you have a terrific idea, you are super excited, motivated, ready to change the world (or at least your life) but reality quickly reminds you the barrier that keeps your dream far from your path.

We all hear everything is about execution but what if I don’t have the means to implement this execution?

If you are lucky, you will find people inside your network or outside who will believe in your chances and will accept to help you build this project and we couldn’t be more happy for you.

But what happens to the others: are their project less promising, do they have to be less ambitious, will they turn all this positive energy into frustration?

Some people will have to get a job, gather years of experience and save money to then be able to touch their dream.
We just hope their project is not « timing-dependant » because we know money is one thing but timing comes also into play in the innovation race.

Here is the situation: investors, for instance, have to be convinced and to convince them, you will have to show them something that is working. But to create a prototype, you will need resources: skills and/or material and if you don’t have yourself these skills or material, you will have to pay for that or find someone to help you. The point we are tring to make here is that when you are alone, it is not impossible but still very hard to go anywhere.

Indeed, we all have some great examples of teamwork results. This way, Steve Jobs teamed up with Steve Wozniak, Larry Page placed little by little his trust in Sergey Brin or Frodo could rely on his fellowship to accomplish his quest.

More seriously, we have to keep in mind that context is also a key that will either open you a door to let you give it a try or lock you up in a life where you work to make someone else dream come true.

Then who is going to make the first step? What kind of target can you reach having a bow with no arrow?

Don’t take this wrong, we are not blaming anyone here, we understand everyone point of view. As for investors, they want to limit the risks, they need a proof, we are not criticizing here the job they do, they at least try their best, we just want to bring a solution where more talented and ambitious people can get access to their dreams, by experimenting an alternative.

Is really the current system the best we can do?

If the existing solutions don’t cover all areas and don’t suit enough people, then there must be another way to solve that!

In this age of easy communication, let’s not underestimate the power of mutual help.
This is what we stand for on Probonall!

Discovery, curiosity and sharing feed creativity and inspiration!

For all the previously mentioned reasons, we think we definitely need to galvanize the entrepreneurial environment, build connections, bring together all talents and strengths to help each other in a process where everyone has something to gain!

This is probably this kind of culture and state of mind that explain the success of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who develop their projects in an ecosystem open to interactions, to creativity with more sharing and emulation.

Probonall is here to activate potentials, to give you access to help and to necessary resources to develop your project.
It is then your job to turn this opportunity into something real. We do believe in hard work, determination and will to achieve one’s goal. So, let’s first give you the chance to show us you can have all these qualities.

And if you don’t feel like living an entrepreneur life but still want to experience the challenge in another way, you are still welcome to give a hand and get involved whenever you want, under your conditions, with or without rewards depending on what you expect from your energy and time spent on Probonall.

To conclude, we will not deny entrepreneurship is a hard and long way which doesn’t suit anyone, it can sometimes be too heavy for a human being. There can be one million reasons to cause your fail and put your business in jeopardy, so we are not going to tell it is always fun and magical when it is definitely not.
However, we think it is worth a try! This is what we call hope, isn’t it ?

bienvenue sur probonall

Remember, it is all about « connecting the dots », there is not a single way to reach your goal, success is not achieved in one shot: you will have to find the right combination, so it can require a lot of attempts to find for instance the great partner.

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